Why is the Rhine Valley so beautiful?

The Southern gate of the UNESCO World Heritage “Upper Middle Rhine Valley” is represented by two towns, Bingen and Rüdesheim. One of the oldest and most interesting towns in the middle Rhine area is Rüdesheim. The Romans started using the region around Rüdesheim to grow wine for its exceptionally mild climate. Visit the charming medieval center, feel the magic atmosphere of the historic old town with its sleepy lanes and its half-timbered houses. The heart of the town is a little street called “Drosselgasse”, where good-humored wine makers invite you to try their delicious wines, accompanied by music and dancing.

Coming to Landhaus Elbert in Rheinboellen you should include certain trips to the nearby region like the above mentioned or see other attractions like the old castle “Burg Rheinfels” which is next to Rüdesheim.

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